Lying (accurately)


Original title : Mentir (précisément)

For four actors and seven characters

When Max comes and meet his boyfriend Sam in this dark place where they met two years ago, far away from the city, far away from any witnesses, he didn't expect to fall on Victor, who decided to figure out why he's been disturbed in the middle of the night. What the hell a guy like him could be there for, at this late hour ? Stuck, Max daren't answer, until Victor tells him that he has murdered Sam as he arrived earlier. Max escapes, scared, but doesn't pay any attention to evidences he's leaving everywhere and the police won't have to make a lot to find him...
This play has been performed on a sound recorded by Arthur Dupont (as Max), Emeric Marchand (as Victor and the police inspector), Georges Bécot (as Jacques and the police captain), Marie-Anne Mestre (as Martine and Max's mother). 

  1. 00 - Mentir (Précisément) - Intro Christophe Averlan 0:25
  2. 01 - Victor et Max Emeric Marchand, Arthur Dupond
  3. 02 - Martine et le Commissaire Marie-Anne Mestre, Georges Bécot
  4. 03 - Martine et Max Marie-Anne Mestre, Arthur Dupont
  5. 04 - Martine, Jacques et Victor Marie-Anne Mestre, Georges Bécot, Emeric Marchand
  6. 05 - LesFlics1 Georges Bécot, Emeric Marchand 1:55
  7. 06 - Martine, Jacques Marie-Anne Mestre, Georges Bécot
  8. 07 - LesFlics2 Georges Bécot, Emeric Marchand 1:27
  9. 08 - Jacques & Max Georges Bécot, Arthur Dupont
  10. 09 - Interrogatoire de Max Arthur Dupont, Georges Bécot
  11. 10 - Max et Sa Mere Arthur Dupont, Marie-Anne Mestre
  12. 11 - La mère de Max : interrogatoire Marie-Anne Mestre, Arthur Dupont
  13. 12 - L'Interrogatoire de Victor.mp3 Georges Bécot, Emeric Marchand
  14. 13 - Martine & Max : le cadeau Arthur Dupont, Marie-Anne Mestre
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