A New York Pair

Showing at the
Saturday, October 17th - 12.35PM
Producers Club - Theater C · 358 West 44th Street · New York, NY 10036
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A New York Pair is an evening in the lives of Molly and Charles. Whilst the couple walks home after a celebratory dinner, we see them try to align their desires as it soon becomes clear they may not want the same thing. Can a relationship survive just because you love someone deeply? Should it?

Starring : Charles Warburton, Molly Montgomery, Carson Dougherty, Fatima Ahmed-Farouta, Margaret Plouffe Cinematography : Adrian Centoni Film Editing : Perrine Prieur Makeup Artist : Maca Moreno Assistant Director : Monica Palmieri Sound Mixer : Justin Valls Gaffer : Greg Tango Script Supervisor : Derek Jorden
Manhattan Film Festival (2015) - Independant Film Festival (2015)

More info here : www.seedandspark.com/studio/new-york-pair

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