Si ça continue faut que ça cesse (co-writer, director)


Play co-writer and director. Staring Manga Ndjomo

Manga Ndjomo in "If no one cares, beware !". One woman show. I've liked this actress and author's work for a long time. No concession, lot of humor. One thing leading to another, discussion leading to politco-incredible thoughs, we decided to collaborate on her new show. The press agent, Trixie Kingswam, as a character, appeared little by little, in Manga's body. We firstly found Trixie's voice. Then, her attitude, her look, the way she breathes, the way she walks, the way she speaks. The words she uses. That's how Manga Ndjomo became Trixie Kingswam. Nonchalant, impertinent, liar, bluffer, sensualist, happy. The humors succeed one another, the stories also. Manga Ndjomo's point of view on our society became alive throught Trixie Kingswam's character. On our way, we found out a world turning crazy, in which stupidity takes the power on the common sense, the profit on the happiness, star-system on the human values...

Story : this is the story of a former press agent who became the head of a promising political party. After a meeting with a TV channel program manager, she flew to the USA at the company's expenses, and recorded there the most famous song in the universe, including a great choreography and so on. That how she also met barbies, and hired one to be a french TV newscaster. And that's how she made her fortune ! Then she became a press agent of a Great Star with long legs, a capricious person who needs to be acclaimed (that's not a joke) for whom she sharpened her speech for the journalists. She has to deal with jalousy, her sulphurous courtship, her dreams of a Paris Stock Exchange (Call it Palais Brongiard, it is so chic !) her utopias, her fantasies. 1 hour of entertainment and for sure you will join this new party led byTrixie Kigswam !

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