Billy Budd

Based on Herman Melville's novelSummer 1797. Aboard the Invincible, the master-at-arms Claggart maintains order. The tension i

A New York Pair

Showing at the NYC INDEPENDANT FILM FESTIVAL Saturday, October 17th - 12.35PM Producers Club - Theater C · 358 West 44th St

Client : VitrineMedia / Products

Conception and directionExample presented here :The VM ONECinematography : Mathieu-David CournotFilm Editor : Perrine Prieu

For you, for me…

They have a project together... THE project. But if they want to make it, they may need to find a deal in-between. Original ti


Elliott hasn't cleaned his room. Mummy is gonna help him on this. But Elliott is not up for it. He's playing on video games in

In the clear light of day

Time to get outside. To get outside. Do you understand what it means ? Outside, there are people. People who may see you. I'm

Client : INRS / First-Aid Rescue Workers

An awareness film explain to employees to become a First-Aid Rescue Worker Writer and Director Animation, Film Editing and So

Client : INRS / Protective Masks

Film in 2 parts.Dedicated to medical intendants, this film explains in a pedagogic way why it's important in some cases, to

INRS : Earplugs

Film divided in 4 parts.  This video explains to employes why it is important to get earplugs, and show every steps to inser

Dress code

Assistant manager. Vacant position. Waiting room. Needs to get dressed. Not too much, or then too much, finally decently, how

Billy Budd

d'après Her­man Mel­ville Eté 1797. A bord de l’In­vin­cible, le ca­pi­taine d'armes Clag­gart fait ré­gner l'ord

A man’s everyday scene

In a bar. A man. A waitress. A hope. A doubt. Starring : David Sighicelli, Veronica Ovchinnikova Radio Voice : Rudi Galif


Elections. Between two rounds. Malpractices of the candidate for the elections has been revealed in the press by the oppositio


Elections. Between two rounds. She got trapped by her Communication Director. How is she going to retake control ? Original ti


Hey, are you listening to me ? Of course my love... Do you love me ? Can you lay the table ?


They are eco-terrorists. Their cause had only led them to pacific actions so far. Their new mission is different, risky, viole

A Family Story

Shoemaker from father to son for 3 generation, Eric Lomain also manufacture shoes for sensitive feet. Writer and DirectorFilm

Client : Eric Lomain / The Know How

Eric Lomain creates and manufacture custom shoes for men and women with sensite feet.Writer and DirectorFilm Editing : Perrin

Everyman for him self (and precious little for us all) – including “Missing Jim”

Original Title : Chacun pour soi (et un petit peu pour les autres) - inclus "Missing Jim" French and english monologues "90 su


It really matters to her, it's a new start. If she goes door to door for her researches, it's because it is serious. And there

After all that

She left him 5 years ago. Without giving any news. Nothing. She probably left him on impulse. It was 5 years ago and now she p

Si ça continue faut que ça cesse (co-writer, director)

Play co-writer and director. Staring Manga Ndjomo Manga Ndjomo in "If no one cares, beware !". One woman show. I've liked this

Happy Birthday Daddy

One voice dialogue for two actors. The night of his sixtieth anniversary. He's trussed up, gagged on a chair. His son, in tuxe

The Prince Charming

He hesitates... He'd like to... He dashes... How will he be received ?   Original Title : Le Prince Charmant Staring 

Family Dinner

On sunday, a family dinner. A special one. A pleasant atmosphere. Nevertheless, one of the guests raises problems... Original


It's the morning. A quite morning. She wants to tell him a great secret... But after that, he will have to make promises (alwa

Inventory of Fixtures

They decided to split up. They ? She did, surely more than him. But, actually, she doesn't have any reasons for it. She just w


She's got a secret to tell him : she's in love. Would she have to talk to the chosen one ? Of course she would ! Yes, but what

Pretty Excuse

They both had a rendez-vous. At the same place. Therefore, this is where they will meet... Original Title : Jolie Excuse Starr

Lying (accurately)

(To lie, precisely) For four actors and seven characters When Max comes and meet his boyfriend Sam in this dark place wh

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